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Priyanka Chopra Reveals ‘In My City’ Video

Wednesday, Jan 30/01/2013 // Bollywood, News

Priyanka Chopra took Bollywood by storm and now she is set to hit the mainstream music charts. Her debut single, titled “In My City,” is in the spotlight with a new music video!

The video opens up as a commercial. The clip has clearly been funded by BMW and Nokia as we see more of those brands than Priyanka in the first few scenes.

As for the content of the video, Priyanka, do you know where you are from Let’s go on Priyanka’s word trip. We see stereotypical China with red lanterns and a dragon inspired archway. Then we catch doses of London with underground signs and then graphic outlines of Big Ben, London Eye and the London Bridge. Next stop is Paris with a nod to L’arc de Triomphe. in introduced and the graphics take us down a palm tree flanked road making this Los Angeles, where Priyanka is recording her album. Priyanka takes us to the East Coast as we spot the Brooklyn Bridge and Empire State Building. In all of that we see no reference to India, unless you want to count the rickshaw in the first minute.

Slightly disappointed with Priyanka’s lack of acknowledgement for India fans are noticing the same void in the final product. Maybe next time…

In My City:

Written By Zaynah R



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