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  • One Shot will Lay Low

    Thursday, Mar 29/03/2012 // Blog, Urban South-Asian

    One Shot is a Canadian artist with ambitions of taking on the Hip-Hop scene. Ready to set down the roots for a long stemming career, One Shot drops the video for his single “Lay Low.” The track is off of the upcoming album titled Your World Against Mine. This single has been produced by Montreal singer, producer Stone Beast making this a homegrown collaboration. Being described as an instant club banger, we’ll have to see how fans react to this track.
    The video is well shot with great use of lighting, pops of color with One Shot’s fitted caps, and graphics, which remind us of the single’s title, “Lay Low,” all the way through the video. Is One Shot an act you will keep on your radar? Click here to watch the video.

    Written by Zaynah

  • Maryam Zakaria Next Item Girl

    Thursday, Mar 29/03/2012 // Bollywood, News

    Item girls are everywhere. Adding themselves to this list of item girls is Maryam Zakaria as she will be seen dancing in Rowdy Rathore.
    For those of you unfamiliar with the name Maryam Zakaria, she was the beauty in blue alongside Kareena Kapoor in “Dil Mera Muft Ka” in Agent Vinod. Because both the actresses starring in the song were characters in the film, “Dil Mera Muft Ka” does not meet the ‘item girl’ standards; therefore, Maryam’s number in Rowdy Rathore will be her Hindi item song debut. Born in Iran and raised in Sweden, Maryam is a dancer. She established a school in Sweden, which taught Bollywood dance soon leading her to Mumbai. In India, Maryam’s career started with modeling and television ads. For her number in Rowdy Rathore, Prabhudeva will be directing this beauty. Talking to reporters about the number, Maryam says, “I am doing an item song in Rowdy Rathore.In the song I have an Indian look. It is a catchy, fast-paced song. I don’t dance with Akshay or Sonakshi in the song.” Stay tuned for this summer release!

    Written by Zaynah

  • Jacqueline Fernandez makes western debut?

    Tuesday, Mar 27/03/2012 // Blog, Bollywood

    Rumors have it that Jacqueline Fernandez may soon be joining the list of Bollywood crossover acts with a role in a Canadian-British film. Jacqueline’s rise to stardom began with her 2006 win for Miss Sri Lanka Universe. She went into news anchoring and by 2009 was making her Bollywood debut in Alladin. Since, Jacqueline has starred in Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai, Murder 2, and will be seen in Housefull 2. This actress also has an item song to her name! With a well calculated and growing resume, filmmaker James Simpson has reached out to Jacqueline to star in his film “Definition of Fear.” In an interview, Jacqueline said. “I have been approached for that. Talks are on, nothing has been finalized yet,” which has some waiting on the edge of their seats for confirmation.

    With Hollywood in the works, Jacqueline continues to focus on the tasks at hand. She will be making her debut in the Sri Lankan film industry with the film Pravegaya. Talking about this role, Jacqueline says, “I have always had lot of support from Sri Lanka and people have been very nice and supporting me here. There are lots of Bollywood fans there. Right now, our country is shaping up and our glamour and movie industry is opening up. I want to be there either to show support or be part of it some way.” Do you think Jacqueline will appeal to a western audience?

    Written by Zaynah

  • Agent Vinod’s Pyaar Ki Pungi unoriginal?

    Thursday, Mar 22/03/2012 // Blog, Bollywood

    Agent Vinod’s song “Pyaar Ki Pungi” is in the line of fire as music producer Pritam is being accused of stealing someone else’s production. “Pyaar Ki Pungi” takes us to a grand hotel where Saif Ali Khan seems intoxicated and is dancing through the halls. The video is ridiculous and the song has been catching on with fans. In a room there are spies watching Saif’s antics and he soon crashes their party and reminds us he is always one step ahead of the enemy.

    The first song that bears resemblance to this song is Hassan Jahangir’s “Hawa Hawa Khushboo Luta De.” These rumors and comparisons have been circulating for quite a while and many thought the dust had settled. Well it hasn’t! Now the band Barobax, from Tehran, recognizes their 2010 single “Soosan Khanoom” in “Pyaar Ki Pungi.” Co-Producer Dinesh Vijan is taking the allegations down by saying, “There is no infringement of copyright or any other right. And any attempt to initiate proceedings for alleged infringement of copyright is ill conceived, ill-advised and untenable by law. Any action in this regard will be vigorously opposed and resisted in accordance with the law.” This is not the first time music-director Pritam has been put in the hot seat, but guess what, it doesn’t end there! The latest buzz from Bollywood is that “Pyaar Ki Pungi” was not even created for Agent Vinod. Apparently, the song was recorded for the Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone film for Dharma Productions titled “Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. ” What a mess! Check out the video for Pyar Ki Pungi by clicking here.

    Written by Zaynah

  • Ranbir and Deepika reunite on screen!

    Tuesday, Mar 20/03/2012 // Blog, Bollywood

    Ex-lovers Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika are getting back together, on screen that is. Director Ayan Mukherjee has cast the pair opposite each other in the upcoming film “Yeh Jawaani Yeh Deewani.” Supposedly, Deepika Padukone really wanted to be part of the film and agreed to be cast in the film after a series of narrations by the director. Ranbir had already been signed on earlier for the movie since Ayan Mukherjee had already worked with Ranbir in “Wake Up Sid” and was keen to work with him again. We also hear that Deepika and Ranbir will have a few close and intimate scenes in the movie. A source tells us that both actors are well aware of the intimate scenes they are required to do and are mentally prepared to deliver. Last time, we saw this cute couple was in “Bachna Ae Haseeno”, who knows maybe “Yeh Jawaani Yeh Deewani” could they re-ignite that spark these two actors once had, and we could possibly see an off screen couple again?

    Written by Poonum

  • OMG Metz and Trix hit Number One!

    Friday, Mar 09/03/2012 // Blog, Urban South-Asian

    At the rise of the “Urban Desi” music movement in the U.K., Metz and Trix came into existence and headed into the studio creating quite a stir on the scene. Years of work and hits, this team now sits at number 1 on the U.K. Urban charts with their single “OMG.”

    “OMG” has been produced by Surinder Rattan and while there is a dash of Desi flavor, this song has transcended our community and reached a larger audience. Explaining exactly which chart is it they are ranked on, MC Metz tells us, “It is the Official Music Week UK and Europe Urban Club Chart!! Music Week is an Industry publication, which goes out every week to all involved in the mainstream music industry and deals specifically with the business of music. The chart is compiled in association with industry people, DJ’s, radio stations and record outlets. It is judged by the response, ratings and feedback from Club DJ’s and mainstream radio stations across UK and Europe.” With the song bringing plenty of hype, how about a video? Metz comments, “For sure a video is definitely on its way! That’s my fav bit of the job lolz.” Trix feels the same as he chimes in saying, “Yeah Video is gonna be BIG!! WATCH OUT IT’S OMG!” With so much excitement from the artists and fans alike, a new milestone crossed, where are these emcees setting their sights next? Metz says, “Well I think the journey has just begun and still a long way to go and by no means is it easy!! But I do think acting is something you will defo see us both taking on in the near future!!” Be sure to support Metz and Trix if you’re a fan and stay tuned for the video. For now, click here to listen to the track.

    Written by Zaynah

  • Indraneil Sengupta Kahaani’s Missing Man?

    Thursday, Mar 08/03/2012 // Blog, Bollywood

    Kahaani is Vidya Balan’s next release. She is on the top of her career making expectations for her next release quite high. The clips, story, and everything in-between has focused on the leading lady. Now headlines are shifting focus as reports reveal the film’s lead actor as Indraneil Sengupta.

    Sujoy Ghosh’s film tells the tale of a pregnant woman on a search for her missing husband. Vidya heads to Kolkata where she believes her husband has disappeared. The authorities don’t take Vidya seriously leaving her frustrated and alone on her search till things get serious. Vidya follows up on all her leads and realizes everything she thought she knew was wrong. Does she even know the man she married?

    With a plot like this, it is no wonder that the actor in the lead role isn’t necessary in the promo, but we all are curious. Indraneil is not credited with anything from the filmmakers, but he did tell reporters “I have played a part in the film. I am not telling you what it is, but it is a suspense thriller and I hope people will watch the film to find out more.” There is still a chance that someone else plays Vidya’s husband in Kahaani, but for now we are following this lead.

    Written by Zaynah

  • Jal to release Piyaas

    Wednesday, Mar 07/03/2012 // Blog, Urban South-Asian

    Jal is one of Pakistan’s most popular bands. With two successful albums out on the market, this band is set to release their next album, Piyaas, in the upcoming weeks in Pakistan and India. The rock band was in Delhi to perform at the college fest at Ram Lal Anand College. While in town, the group also shot a music video! The band’s lead singer and consistent member, Gohar Mumtaz, spoke with reporters about his last trip to India. He revealed, “I was here in India last year in month of September to perform in Kolkata. It’s always a joy to perform in India. We find so many similarities when we landed in Delhi there is no differences between Lahore and Delhi.” Now what brings him to India? “We have been invited by Ram Lal Anand College to perform at a college fest in Delhi University followed by another show at a college campus in Ranchi.”

    Talking about the new album Gohar comments, “The compositions are so lyrical that we are sure people will love them. While some tracks are soulfully Sufi, others are ballet tracks. Few are mellow and some have catchy lyrics. There is also a track called Piyaas that is in the upbeat rock genre.” As for the upcoming music video, Gohar dished, “Not exactly, but we are looking forward to few Bollywood faces for two videos to be shot in India.” As for future collaborations, Gohar does confirm, “For now, we are collaborating with Sonu Nigam for a pop album. He wants to do something different.” Are you excited for Jal’s new album?

    Written by Zaynah

  • Epic Bhangra and Amar Sandhu to drop My Boys

    Tuesday, Mar 06/03/2012 // Bhangra, Blog

    Epic Bhangra has two tracks on the scene and continues to represent a growing U.S. talent pool. Taking the representation to the next level, this NY producer collaborates with the Texas-based singer Amar Sandhu who can be recognized from Dhol Beat International and Trifecta. Together the guys are set to release the song “My Boys.” The song is a spin-off from the track “Notorious Jatt” by Prabh Gill and Randy J. Epic Bhangra has been quite focused on his music career making “My Boys” his third single.

    We first heard Epic Bhangra’s production with the song “Kaim Rahe Sardari.” This single features the vocals of Manjit Pappu. This song embodied classic Punjabi folk vibes. Next came “Peeni” sung by Jelly Manjitpur. This song brings us a club, dance hit showcases a new side to Epic Bhangra’s musicality. Now “My Boys” is in the spotlight and the teaser gives us a great vocal from Amar and more chilled out mood. Click here to check out the teaser and stay tuned for the single release on iTunes.

    Written by Zaynah

  • JK drops his teaser for England Nachda

    Friday, Mar 02/03/2012 // Bhangra, Blog

    After the success of his smash hit debut album “Gabru Panjab Dha”, JK is a rising Bhangra star whose already taking the Punjabi music scene by storm. With much success from his previous singles, he’s working non-stop and is now ready to give viewers a preview of his upcoming video release titled “England Nachda”. The video was shot by Kully from Ballistic in JK’s hometown of Derby. The single “England Nachda” is bhangra track infused with hip-hop beats produced by Tru-Skool. The teaser is unique from any video trailer that anyone has ever seen. The concept of the video teaser is to show fans what the initial steps are when trying to create a music video. The first step to create any film project is to draw a storyboard. A storyboard is essentially a large comic of the film or some section of the film produced beforehand to help directors visualize the scenes before filming begins. In this video teaser, we see a 30 second clip of the actual drawn storyboard which shows drawing sketches of JK, motor bikes, reporters, and newspapers. The storyboard concept definitely leaves a lot to the imagination. We can’t wait to see the final video which will be releasing on March 6th 2012.

    Written by Poonum


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